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You won’t find anything quite like it. For those who grew up in the Berkshires, walking into the store brings back great memories because John and Diane have been able to maintain the feel of the original store – the 1911 NCR cash register is a centerpiece – while still providing the best in wine, beer, liquor, and great food products. Visitors love the ambiance of the store and friendliness of the staff. The personalized, custom gift baskets with their famous yellow cellophane wrapping are just another example of how good things from the early days are still good now.

If you want to find the right wine for any occasion, John has tasted and approved of the wide selection of wines available and is happy to help you. Stop in for local craft beers and weekly liquor specials as well.

The Berkshires has become home to many food entrepreneurs and Gorham & Norton carries a large selection of locally sourced products; Baldwin Extracts and Maple Syrup, Bar Harbor Fish Products, BBC Beer, Berkshire Brewing Company Beer, Berkshire Bark, Berkshire Mountain Distillers, Big Elm Brewing Beer, Fire Cider, Granville Country Store Cheddar Cheese, High Lawn Farm Milk and Products, Hudson Valley Free Range Eggs, Johnny Mash Hard Cider, Local produce when available, Margaret’s Originals Greeting Cards, Monterey Chevre Goat Cheese, Moose Mountain Farm Maple Syrup, North Hadley Maple Candy, Otis Eggs and Chicken Pot Pies, Rolling Rock Farm Salts, SoCo and Bart’s ice cream, Trappist Preserves

T-shirts are also available in size S, M, L, XL, and XXL for $13.99.

Gorham & Norton

"A distinguished selection of imported and domestic wines, beer, cheese, liquor, and speciality foods. Everything that is good to eat or drink, since 1911."

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